Reasons Why You Should Buy Natural Skin Care Products Online in NZ from Sub24


More people in New Zealand (NZ) and around the world are waking up to the chemicals in their food, cleaning products and environment. It is only natural to start to question the ingredients of the products you put on your face and body. Maybe some ingredients in small doses are not a major problem, but the issues arise with everyday use and a concentration over time and a build-up of multiple potential toxins. The problem is our increased exposure and therefore a potential chemical overload situation.

So, what can you do?

Start with a little research in to some of the ingredients and their potential effects. Take a look at the products around you in your home, in your bathroom and in your cosmetics bag. What can you do with out? Can you read the ingredients? Do they read like a chemistry experiment or a fruit bowl? As more people become aware manufacturers are having to make changes. Many businesses like Sub24 started up to offer safer alternatives to industry products based on their own needs.

Looking for a more natural new skincare range?

Fed up with all the chemicals in your current range of NZ skin care products? Have you looked at the labels lately? You need a degree in chemistry to be able to read them! Some products are so full of artificial ingredients, chemicals and colours that you have to wonder how they can possibly be good for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and able to absorb everything you put on to it. Even in the shower your skin will absorb the ingredients of your cleanser, shampoo and conditioner for example.

Time for a change? Time to ditch the old and find safer new alternatives?

Ingredients to avoid!
– Mineral oils
– Sulphates
– PEGS (ethylene glycol polymers)
– Silicones
– Synthetic Fragrances

What to look for in your beauty products?

Look for plant based ingredients, a good natural base oil and essential oils.

Why choose Sub24?

Sub24 was started by a Mother in New Zealand with serious concerns over the chemicals in the skincare range her daughter’s were using. With sensitive young skin they would often have reactions to the ingredients in the products. Following years of research Carolyn Armstrong has developed a range of skincare online in NZ that use natural botanical oils and herbs to feed and nourish the skin from the outside. More information about each of the ingredients they use in their products as listed below and their benefits is shared on her website

The ingredients Sub24 use are full of vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids and include:

– almond oil
– aloe vera
– apricot oil
– burdock root
– calendula oil
– castor oil
– coconut oil
– echinacea
– evening primrose oil
– gotu kola
– horsetail
jojoba oil
– lime essential oil
– shea butter
– sweet orange essential oil
– white willow bark

The entire range is not tested on animals and is manufactured in New Zealand.

Shop the Sub24 range of moisturisers, face wash, and facial scrubs at and buy your skin care products online today. Sub24 specialise in natural skin care products for NZ’s young adults and those with sensitive skin. Maybe you just want to buy skin care in NZ that is entirely natural, made in NZ and not tested on animals? If, yes, then Sub24 could be just the range to encourage you to ditch your old skincare products and start a new regime to feed and nourish your skin. Still not convinced? Contact them for a set of free samples – just pay for the shipping!


5 Benefits of Natural Skincare Products


The skin is the largest organ in the entire body, and it is exposed to a significant amount of pollution on a daily basis. Not only that, the products used to protect the skin may do more harm than good. Many synthetic face washes, moisturisers, and other skincare products contain chemicals that may irritate sensitive skin. Here is where natural skincare can make a difference without side effects and dermatologist visits. In this article readers can learn more about the benefits of organic skincare and find out where to buy skincare in New Zealand online.

A Lack of Irritation

Corrosive chemicals and artificial colours go onto the skin when conventional skincare products are applied. Those with sensitive skin can expect sudden, irritating breakouts and other harmful side effects. By comparison, natural skin care products are gentler and the user can feel the difference from the moment of application.

No Foul Smells

Besides harmful chemicals and synthetic colours, regular skincare products are often loaded with artificial fragrances. While these may seem harmless, it’s quite shocking how many people suffer adverse reactions such as sinusitis, allergies, and migraines with exposure. On the other hand, natural skincare products are free of synthetic fragrances and unpleasant odours.

No Internal Problems

The chemicals in conventional skincare products end up in the user’s bloodstream, and it is easy to realise the potential dangers they pose. Natural skincare and cosmetics are made only with ingredients found in nature, which means they are perfectly safe to use.

A Younger Look

There’s no fountain of youth, but natural skincare products come fairly close. These products restore and heal damaged cells, preventing hyperpigmentation, breakouts, wrinkles, fine lines and elasticity loss which are common effects seen with the use of regular products.

Commercially available skincare products are made with chemicals and toxins that can cause harm to the environment. One of the best things about natural and organic products is that they do not negatively effect the environment.

Now that the benefits of organic skin care products are apparent, it is difficult to go back to a conventional skincare routine. You can buy all your organic skincare products online in NZ from Sub 24 ( They provide a wide variety of organic skincare products online with delivery direct to your door. Visit the Sub 24 site to find out more!